Tekkit Main 1.2.9e (r3gaming.net)

We are on a rotating MAP RESET on the first Sunday of every month (or when the world is destroyed/corrupted) for every world except the Overworld and Space Stations.


  1. Respect staff (Guardian / Lady Archbishop)
    • Please do not argue with staff. If there is an issue, please report it on the forums.
  2. Claims expire after 30 days of Inactivity
    • Donation claims expire after 60 days
    • Please contact staff if you know you will be gone longer than a month and we will save the area
  3. No begging or asking for free items
  4. No impersonation of other players or staff
  5. Nicknames may not be italic or bold
  6. No Griefing/Trolling of other players
    • This includes bed camping, one block pillars, scamming, or lying
  7. No Duping, Hacked Clients, Exploitations, AFK Machines, or purposfully lagging the server
  8. While mature language is allowed, please refrain from being excessive
  9. Redstone in motion is limited to a 9x9x9 area. If it is any larger please ask staff to help move it
  10. No moving mining machines/world destroyers
  11. Fillers/Quarries are currently limited to a 15x15 area
  12. Currently the quarry limit is at 4*
    • This may change at a later date
  13. If you need a chunkloader, a staff member will be more than happy to place one down
  14. Atomic Science reactors are limited in size to a 9x9 area and up to 3 maximum*
    • This may change at a later date
  15. Laser Drills are currently limited to 16* per player
    • This may change at a later date
  16. Any world other than the overworld is build at your own risk
  17. PvP is enabled outside of claims
  18. Please try not to build close to another players base, you may be asked to move, if you do not move, you may be moved by the staff
  19. Do not set homes at other players bases without permission
  20. Use common sense!
    • No spamming of any kind
    • No advertising
    • No slurs

While some of these are blanket rules, please remember staff has the final say on whether a rule(s) were broken. If you feel there is an issue, a rule was broken, or there is something that may need our attention, please use @Guardian on Discord! Punishments are handeled on a case by case basis.

Donation Shop Purchases

  • If there is not enough room in your inventory at the time of the purchase, please contact staff on Discord and provide your Enjin ID (if Applicable) or Transaction ID
  • The only item not allowed to be shared to non-donors is infinite power
    • If you are found sharing power from a creative energy cell, it will be revoked
  • Shop items are subject to change in pricing or availability at any time
  • All shop items are given through server commands, please be patient
    • If you do not get your items from shop, please contact a staff member through Discord

Banned Items

Banned Item:Reason:
Dimensional Doors (Disabled) Server Stress
Book Binder World Generation
Descriptive Books World Generation
Force Field Projector Server Stress
Force Field Manipulator Server Stress
Flails Client Side Crashing/Bypass GP
Dynamite Bypass GP
Dynamite Carrier Bypass GP
Lux Capacitors Bypass GP
Leaf Blower Bypass GP
Saw Blades Bypass GP
Cannon Bypass GP
Matter Cannon Bypass GP
SPAMR Rocket Launcher Bypass GP
Needle Gun Anvil Ammo Bypass GP
Plastic Cup/Bag Duping
Terminal Glasses Seeing Inventory of Other Players
Rednet Energy Cable Chunk Corruption
Sacred Rubber Saplings Server Crash
Florbs Bypass GP
Magnets Server Stress