Hello everyone, you probably stumbled upon this after reading the rules; or was pointed here by a fellow player!

Well you need not worry; this will be pain free (hopefully?) and requires literally 10 minutes of your time.

- First off lets talk about the benefits! When you vote for the Tekkit Server on any of the Voting links you get 6 diamond 4 emerald and 200 claim blocks! AWESOME RIGHT? That is PER site.

- FTB Rewards you with 2 Draconium Ore 50 Gold Coins and 200 Claim blocks! Per Site!

- We also have LUCKY Voting on both servers; chance at really nice bonus rewards!

Not to mention your in the running for TOP MONTHLY VOTER! Click me for more info!

Ok so here is the instructions!

- First off if you navigate back to the home page. On the left there will be a Small box that has login and or your account info located there.

- BELOW that is another Box that has a header with the title of "Vote for Rewards!" that is where we wan't to be.

-Now you will see a Server listing name "eg. Minecraft-MP.com" then just to the right it has a button that says "vote".

-Click the vote button and it will either open a new window in your web browser or re-direct your current tab to the site.

-Follow the instructions at each of the links; make sure to type your Minecraft characters name EXACTLY as it is shown when you play (Not a nickname).

You will see an announcement in chat when you vote letting you and everyone else on the server know how committed you are to helping the server improve!

Now the benefits for the server are enormous, each vote moves the server up in ranking and allowing more traffic. Which in turn brings in possibly donations to keep the server running and getting bigger!

So Congratulations for contributing to the server! Hopefully you made it through unscathed and enjoying your pretty rewards