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Happy New Year!

[Lady] r3volt_ a posted Jan 13, 18

Hey everyone, Kate here. 

Been a while since ive been in the picture due to RL. But all is good, I had a few ideas kicking around in my head that I wanted to try once I have my PC up and running again.

How about switching to a whitelist only server via Pay to Enter (Those already on the server stay as long as they are not causing an issue)
- Reason I mention Whitelisting is we can then enable some mods/items that are disabled due to griefing potential. Not to mention remove some plugins that really put a dampner on the fun level!!

Next idea -- I would like to switch mod packs; kinda leaning towards a FTB one. Mainly because the amount of content in them would keep players interested. (Again those already playing/donated would be converted by me)

- Tekkit is dead and or dying to the point its not sustaining enough traffic to pay for itself. That is due in part to my abscence and lack of a stable server. That will change!!

Last Idea - Change the whole donation shop to a token system so in case of expansion to another mod pack, you can just pick which server to use them on and not have to donate per server. It will tie in with the in game shops so players don't feel limited. 

- This will also allow cheaper prices and more little perks (More focus on Ranks and Commands). Be able to bypass certain limits. But nothing super out of the ordinary.

As for the server, many love playing tekkit and I have a way to keep it alive via hosting at my house in the future. But that is an undetermined future (could be 5+ months)

Thanks guys and gals. Happy Mining. <3

Hey everyone, we are doing a full reset (Map,Timed Ranks, Inventories). All donation ranks will get there items back to them; all permissions are being reset aside from Donation earned or Voting Earned Perms.

Please write down your coordinates of a creation you have or your old home. I can download the region and provide it to you for safe keeping. The whole world is too big to download and or share to each person. We are talking weeks to download via FTP.

I do apologize about the frustration this may cause, but the map is old and causing issues.


[Baron] Fiendius Is there any reason why you are waiting until the 24/25th to reset the server? As I see it, there's no point to pla...
[Serf] id6016 really? even the timed ranks?
CRWymer So we are resetting everything and all starting over from the beginning?
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